ATTC/EAA ab initio Airlinepilot-Career Program

Thank you for your interest in our ATTC/EAA Ab-Initio Airlinepilot Career Program!
As a first step of the assessment we would like to get to know you better.

Do the following statements apply to you?

I would like to become an airline pilot! *

I am well aware that I have to study hard and consistently for this unique career! *

For best possible performance, I will be an active and committed member of the training team!*

The following is what motivates me to pursue this profession: *
incomestatus/imagetechnical interesthas always been my dream job
other personal motivations (experiences, points of contact, my personality)

This is how I personally see myself:
I am:
(not true at all - right: completely true)

  • a team player and socially competent
  • able to perform under pressure
  • conscientious and reliable
  • technically interested
  • physically fit

spectacle wearer yesno*
more than 5 diopters yesno*

As an airline pilot, I can expect an above-average salary. I have given the following thoughts to the financing of this professional goal:*

On this date I will attend the "Pilot Casting Day" at EAA in Salzburg:
My preferred date:

That date would work for me as well.

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