State-of-the-art multi-engine aircraft: DA-42 Twin Star

An iconic aircraft, the DA42 offers state-of-the-art maximum aerodynamic efficiency as well as cutting-edge technology from
its engines to avionics. Powered by two piston engines with a total output of 336 hp, yet extremely moderate in consumption
of Jet-A1 fuel, the DA42 reaches a service altitude of FL 180 (18,000 ft / 6,000 m). Cruising speed is 175 knots | 315 km/h.
The overall impression is rounded off by amodern Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.


Das Beste ist uns für deine Multi-Engine Ausbildungsphase auf dem Weg zum Verkehrflugzeugführer gerade gut genug.

Cruising speed 315 km/h | 175 knots
Maximum Takeoff Weight 1700 kg | 3.748 pounds
Seats 4