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In order to meet the increasing demand of European airlines for more pilots  #pilot shortage, ‘Ready Entry Pilots’, and EAA Euro Aviation Academy have organized this unique and exclusive European project called AEACP. This program is ideally suited to help you obtain a job as a professional pilot. We provide the required the pilot training you need (your pilot’s license), but we will also support you in finding a job with a renowned airline.
ATTC is Europe’s leading provider for aviation assessment trainings, offering airline-specific screening preparation and entrance tests at locations in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, and London. EAA Euro Aviation Academy is the leading commercial pilot school specialized in training commercial pilots in accordance with EASA EU-Part-FCL (ATPL-Integrated Info folder). If you feel this fits your needs, then apply now for our exclusive program! These are the steps for becoming an airline pilot: (ATPL-Integrated info folder). If you feel this fits your needs, then apply now for our exclusive program!

These are the steps for becoming an airline pilot:

Career Program Application

Requirements for applying to the ATTC EAA Career Program

  • Minimum age: 17
  • Completed education
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Motivation
  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Self-responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Good social skills
  • Psychological resilience

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Assessment for Airline Pilots

Job Aptitude Assessment for Airline Pilots
Aptitude assessment for airline pilots / commercial pilots
The following competencies are assessed:

PC Assessment:

  • General knowledge and skills in mathematics, physics and English
  • Capacitive skills
  • Spatial perception skills

Simulator Assessment:

  • Simulator flight under the guidance of a flight instructor
  • Assessment of capacitive and motor skills
  • Assessment of spatial orientation skills


Personal interview

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Medical - aeromedical examinations

Check your health and receive your aeromedical certificate class 1
Trainees for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) have to perform the initial examinations in an aeromedical center.
Contact one of your choice and recive your medical (full list on EASA Homepage).


  • Aeglia Aeronautical Medical Center, Maraboeweg 10, 8218 NV Lelystad Airport, +31 320-288461,
  • Aviation Medical Center, Hoofdkantoor AMC, Middelweg 4, 6191 NC Beek, +31 (0) 43 365 33 44,
  • Aeromedisch Instituut, Gebouw 133 (1e etage), Stationsplein NO, 1117 BV Schiphol Oost, +31(0)206493400,
  • Centrum voor Mens en Luchtvaart / Koninklijke Luchtmacht, Kampweg 3, 3969 DE Soesterberg, Postbus 22, 3769 ZG Soesterberg, T +31(0)346334300
  • Aeromedical Clinic, Nieuwe Stationsstraat 10, 6811 KS Arnhem, +31(0)264433155,
  • Sky Medical Center, Luchthavenweg 13, 5657 EA Eindhoven, T +31(0)402350103,
  • Aeromedical Expert Centre BV, Bredasebaan 2, 4744 RZ Bosschenhoofd, +31(0)76 700 20 61,

  • Austrian Airlines Aeromedical Center, Airport Vienna, Office Park 2, 1300 Vienna, +43 5 1766-63517
  • Aeromedical Center Privatklinik Wien, Pelikangasse 15, 1090 Wien, +43 1 40180 7010,
  • Aeromedical Center Salzburg - orthomedplus GmbH, Guggenbichlerstraße 20, 5020 Salzburg, +43 662-874487,

  • Flugmedizinisches Zentrum Frankfurt +49 69 697687 91
  • Flugmedizinisches Zentrum Ettlingen +49 7243 505990
  • Flugmedizinisches Zentrum Hamburg +49 40 50702081
  • Flugmedizinisches Zentrum Köln +49 2203 601 3368

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ATPL Integrated Training- CPL/ATPL/IR/SEP/MEP-License mit MCC


Commercial pilot training


Airline Transport Pilot Training (ATPL Integrated) is conducted according to formal EASA regulations and consists of the following training modules:

Basic Training, VFR: approx. 4 months

  • Basic ground school training
  • Radio operator’s license training
  • 38 hrs visual flight rules training (VFR)
  • 40 hrs solo flights (VFR)


Advanced Training IFR-MEP: approx. 8 months

  • Advanced ground school training
  • 5 hrs night flight training (NVFR)
  • 82 hrs instrument flight training (IFR)
  • 16 hrs multi-engine flight training (MEP)


Multi Crew Coordination training: approx. 1 month

  • MCC ground school training
  • 15 hrs MCC flight training (SIM)
  • Airline screening preparation

The training modules end with candidates receiving the following official licenses:
Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with ATPL-Theory,
Classratings: SEP, MEP, IR
Night Qualification,
MCC Certificate.

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Mentorship Program - Coaching for Airline Assessments with

Coaching for Airline Assessments
Professional training for all phases of recruitment. Preparation for aptitude recruitment tests (for all airlines) as well as comprehensive and effective support with the aim of placement on the job market as First Officer.
Competencies for airline assessments, continual information concerning current job market conditions, details concerning recruitment procedures and job application training are provided through workshops and online seminars.
Provision and supervision of training modules to give you the best possible preparation for typical pilot recruiting procedures.
This exclusive program will prepare you for the job market in the best possible way!

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Airline Screening

Airline Screening
You will undergo the selection process at an airline of your choice.
Thanks to excellent preparation by EAA and ATTC, our student pilots show a 90% success rate!

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First Officer: Your Seat in the Cockpit

After a successful screening you will be hired as First officer.
You have reached your goal of becoming an airline pilot.

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